The Wellness industry is an increasingly developing field with a goal to move out of the ‘prescribe and treat’ mind frame. Wellness coaching accompanies a client as their professional ally and focuses on the progression towards goal accomplishment. Recieve a personalized health experience and designed treatment for your individual needs.

Wellness puts health responsibility into each clients hands, however provides a platform in which they can draw from to reach the agreed upon goal. Allowing trust to be built between a practitioner and a client, with clear expectation, agreement and permission for radical self-responsibility during times of growth is key.

Depending on the time frame in which clients want to reach wellness goals, a coach will assist in co-creating a plan based on areas of focus and readiness for change. The coach will listen, assess and explore with the client to determine and agree upon this plan.

Wellness balance bridges the gap between theoretical and tangible development. Using both a mental and physical approach during change helps the client to transcend current inhibitions. Coaching offers tools for exploration that allow each client to discover deeper layers of desired change. Change can have many faces and no matter what level, the roadmap to success is vast.

Wellness Coaching

                                             Wellness includes assessment of physical, mental, emotional and environmental health.

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