Is Self-Care the New Health-Care?

By: Jessica Hout-Freeman

We live in a world where stress heavily impacts our daily lives. It affects the way we think, act, feel, and move (or don’t). Some of us may get overwhelmed and distracted from living in the present, others have a laundry list of unhealthy vices that they turn to. In the wellness industry we see what stress does to our clients up close and personal and make a point to have them pay closer attention to the amount of time they are dedicating to self-care.

Self-care encompasses many things, it is self-initiated and conscious behavior intended to bring our physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual selves into balance. It refers to the everyday practices that help to lessen and manage the effect stress has on our lives while elevating our short and long term health and wellness. When is the last time you took a moment for yourself to improve your quality of life? A lot of people end up putting a never ending list of responsibilities before themselves and in return get extremely run down and burnt out. Therefore, people tend to travel to get away from the extreme stresses of daily life.

Kauai is a special place where travellers come to get away from their daunting lists and feel a sense of freedom. Appreciating the slower pace of life, residents have a high level of awareness and make participating in self-care part of their daily ritual. Ocean activity, hiking, biking and  running are among the top most popular activities to do on the Garden Isle.

Self-care includes: getting regular exercise, cooking and eating healthy organic meals, allowing yourself extra sleep and rest when needed, unplugging from social media, reading a book, practicing meditation, booking a couples massage with your partner, etc. If you’re coming to Kauai, check out the farmers markets, take a cooking class of get a massage.

It seems as though millennials have caught onto the importance of these preventative measures and are sharing them all over social media. This is leading to self-care getting a reputation as being a trend/obsession as billions of dollars are being spent on services in this arena, if you ask them they will tell you it is money well spent. Self-care sits on a continuum closely with preventative medicine and at the opposite end of health care providers. The days when insurance companies cover the variety of bodywork that exists today rather than prescribing a pill to cover up your symptoms are hopefully just over the horizon. Elevate Wellness Kauai offers many of these treatments including: therapeutic/deep tissue massage, acupuncture, prenatal massage, structural integration, couples massage and cupping, which are all alternative practices having an undeniable impact on our overall health and well-being.

Up and coming generations are doing a better job at building a healthy foundation for themselves. They recognize the importance of creating balance between work and play, participating in a variety of creative outlets and sharing all of these acts for the world to see. These individuals are mindful and going through a transformative awakening. Top corporations and entrepreneurs alike are recognizing the positive effects on productivity and efficiency that come from taking care of yourself creating harmony between personal and work life.

So, make a commitment to yourself. Find what recharges you and makes it so that you can live as the best possible version of yourself. Whether it be taking a dream vacation to Kauai and experiencing a couples massage or taking time away from your electronic devices each day. Discover a new artistic outlet/hobby, benefit from the healing that takes place spending time in nature. Find what works for you and do those things often.

“It’s not selfish to do what is best for you.” – Mark Sutton massage_kauai