Nutritional Consultations


We offer in home visits to speak with you and your family in person about nutritional health.

We offer phone consultations to discuss your questions and concerns about your diet and nutrition.

Initial: $150

Follow up : $45-95



We address specific avenues of diet, we look at what’s in your cupboards, where you shop, how you shop, your travel food choices and/or your go-to recipes. Our goal is not to change you, our goal is to work with you and assess what’s best for you to assist your own change. This gives you the freedom to be your own internal motivator, and we are here as your nutritional advice ally. Nutrition counseling can be an enlightening discovery. Let us help you find a new path and a better- balanced approach to eating.

If your goal is weight loss, making better food choices, food substitutions, incorporating a new food, counting calories, how to read labels or your diet/ exercise program we are here to help you discover which avenue best supports the achievement of these goals. Through the avenue of gaining nutritional advice, we keep sight of you goals while being realistic. Making small steps, allowing every step to count and drinking plenty of water. Remembering to not have overly high expectations of you is a key element in creating a successful environment for change.

Along with our approach to giving nutrition consultations, we look at other factors of food consumption, such as Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load, low-carb vs. low-GI foods. We also consider foods that help curb over consumption and encourage a selection of food that produces greater feelings of satiety (fullness) with fewer calories. Our approach allows you to effectively analyze food and to provide you with a full variety of food choices.

Our nutritional consultations & advice includes the prospect of cleansing. This allows the body to utilize it’s own storage for purification of your body. Our mental approach to cleansing differs than most approaches. We believe this can be a gentle and highly effective process, rather than a process of sheer starvation. Cleansing is not necessary in every occasion, however this is a method of choice in many occasions.

Our theory is that every person is completely different and what their bodies can and cannot handle varies’ from person to person. Sensitivities, allergies, quantities of food, how one processes food, ones needs and lifestyle all depend on what you should allow into your body. Seeking out knowledge and information can be overwhelming and this is why we offer in person, in home, over the phone or online nutritional advice. We offer it in a variety of ways in which accommodate your lifestyle.