Lifestyle Assessment


Initial Visits (60 min) : Paperwork Assesment, Goal Setting, Action Plan

Follow Up’s (30 min) : Goal / Action Plan Acheivment

Initial: $200

Follow up : $75



What you do from the moment you wake up, until the moment you go back to bed, and how many hours you sleep, greatly affects what your body looks and feels like. Your patterns, routines, habits, hobbies, down time, career, family life and relationship status all play a part in the results of your overall health and wellness.

Our goal is to deeply look into what each building block makes up YOU and to give a look into each piece, as well as a gentle assessment of how to create balance with all of these pieces in mind. A lifestyle assessment can help you determine the shifts you may need to make in your everyday life.

No matter if you are a stay at home mom, a high-powered executive or a celebrity, your lifestyle can always be enhanced with increased satisfaction in each area of your life. By assessing each component in a methodical way, the goal is to increase awareness and utilize the lifestyle assessment to teach how to explore our options for personal growth.

If you are looking for a complete lifestyle change or just wanting to enhance your current state of wellness, our goal is to create a safe container for you progressively look at the elements of your life and where change needs to be made. We value the process of self-exploration, examining ones own motivations or lack there of and how to coach you as your health ally.

We treat lifestyle assessment as a holistic concept and by very definition this is considered integrative. Conventional medicine today is starting to realize that mere symptom reduction diagnosis and treatment are inadequate. We look into the variety of facets in you life to see where overall balance is needed. May it be mental, emotional or physical, there is no separation between a persons mind and body, and they work together and impact one another. Behavioral Medicine considers this “psycho-physiological” and/or known as somatic.

We treat each person as more than just a sum of his or her total parts, each part being definitive and organic. Under our guidance, we assess each person and provide treatment and or education of each aspect. Our goal is to personalize wellness; therefore each person receives an authentic analysis of his or her particular model and dimension of wellness. A lifestyle assessment can bring light to otherwise shadowed aspects of ourselves.

Wherever you are at in the spectrum of ‘readiness’ to shift your lifestyle, we look forward to supporting this process and helping you take a grounded approach. Understanding each aspect of this shift takes time and patience with oneself. It is never too late to make a positive change, for the health and wellness of each part of your being.

Elevate Wellness does not diagnose, prescribe illness, conditions or diseases. However, many of our complimentary methods of treatment can assist you in your process to long standing, overall health and wellness.