Kinesiology Consultations


We offer initial home, onsite or online consultations.

Additional visits are done via phone or Skype consultations.

Initial: $150

Follow up: $75



Kinesiology Consultations

Kinesiology is the scientific study of the interrelationship of the physiological processes and anatomy of the human body, related to movement. Kinesiology consultations  determine how balanced your body is based on your mechanics, range of motion, muscular movement, muscle to fat proportion, metabolic output, and a variety of measurements. At Elevate Wellness, we are dedicated to help you find your optimum health through our health consultations.

Our Kinesiology consultations includes an estimated baseline to develop a fitness, diet and weight loss, strength, and/or pain management program is evaluated for each client. This program will encompass a full body estimate, including initial and final: BMR (basal metabolic rate), BMI, (body mass index), body measurements, weight goals, fitness instruction, fitness planning, nutritional suggestion, nutritional alternatives, portion controlling, daily caloric intake/output, food journaling, lifestyle assessment and, integrative health practices. 

We understand how difficult it is to jump start your own health. That’s why knowing where your body stands on a fitness level is important to overcoming any blocks or bariers to increasing your health. A Kinesiology consultation gives a clear and consise direction for you to begin your fitness to wellness journey. Having the proper tools, education and information can assist you as you make new health- based decisions.

Depending on the specified goals, we will consult and help to determine what the best plan is for each client. We can combine our LIFESTYLE ASSESSMENTS as a way to look deeper into making a lifestyle change. However, if what is required is specifically changes due to weight, strength and movement, then a Kinesthetic assessment may be sufficient.
Elevate Wellness does not diagnose, prescribe illness, conditions or diseases. However, many of our complimentary methods of treatment can assist you in your process to long standing, overall health and wellness.