Health Coaching Services


What day do you want to start changing your life?

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Health Coaching Services

Health Coaching Services

All session will be performed via Skype:

Living an empowered life is all about action. Distractions, poor habits & self deprecating thoughts get in the way of following through with actions which develop empowerment. Be it your personal development, health, relationships, financial status, education or the contribution you offer to your community. With a solid action plan, all areas of your lifestyle will become richly fulfilled. It requires diligence to keep your mind strong and reach your potential.

Elevate Wellness encourages self-empowerment through precise Health Coaching Services. We look at a variety of aspects of your lifestyle, your nutritional habits and your daily life practices. Then we define where positive modifications can be made in your life. Together, we will create a personalized action plan for you to easily achieve your goals.

Health Coaching Services

Realistic timelines are established. You goals will be aligned with your availability, and together, we will implement them into your life. Our service will help you transform stress, overwhelm, doubt and scattered energy as you practice self-love, confidence, and magnetism towards achieving your dreams.

 Ignite your life. Let us help you be the best you!

Program Details: 

Initial Assessment

Refinement of Goals

Action Plan

  • Worksheets
  • Assignments
  • Practices
  • Personalized Tool Boxes

Video Access


Program Pricing:

  • Health Coaching Services Deposit: $833.00
  • Health Coaching Services Pre-Pay: $2650.00