Couples Massage Therapy Kauai


Enjoy a wonderful massage in the company of your partner, spouse, significant other or friend.

IN Office Sessions:

  • 60 Min – $228
  • 90 Min – $298


  • 60 Min – $263
  • 90 Min – $353
Our Couples Massages come with Free Aromatherapy during your session!


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Couples Massage Therapy

When couples get massages together, there is something sweet about knowing your partner is taken care of  in a loving and nurturing way. Massage is always an intimate experience, and when couples can be in that space with one another, it creates a deeper sense of connection. Couples Massage is highly sought out on Kauai. It is an attraction that many couples know will create a loving bond that can encourage empowerment. Massage can also re-set the mood for couples. If there is physical, mental, emotional tension between couples, then no one is having a good time!! Massage and Acupuncture can remind one another of the importance of balance and gratitude.

If you are looking for a Couples Massage Therapy Kauai experience, look no further. We’ve had our clients blog about their experiences of their couples massages. Please read here for our REAL client review:  ELEVATE COUPLES MASSAGE ON KAUAI

We have a beautiful beach-side location for the perfect couples massage on Kauai. Our beachside cedar cabana offers the perfect amount of protection from the elements, while still being able to hear the sound of the waves, feel the ocean breeze and experience a natural setting. Try our beach side location 7 days a week from 9AM-6PM. Please book online or call us in advance for more information.

Elevates Couples Massage Therapy Kauai experience is a wonderful deep experience that two people can share and remember for a lifetime. Couples  Celebrating:






Elevate your Couples Massage Therapy Kauai experience!

Couples Massage Kauai