Prenatal Spa Retreats Near Kauai

It’s late and you can’t sleep. Your joints ache, you’ve got indigestion, and the baby you’re carrying keeps kicking your bladder. Ahh… the joys of pregnancy. Certainly pregnancy does have its real pleasures, but it definitely comes with a whole new set of aches and pains that you never imagined before. Of course, never having dealt with such aches and pains likely means that you aren’t prepared to treat them. Perhaps you’ve asked your doctor and he’s just nodded and assured you that this was normal. He’s right about that. What your doctor likely failed to suggest though is a prenatal spa retreats near Kauai.

Prenatal massage has been shown to alleviate stress on weight-bearing joint, reduce muscle aches, decrease the risk for stretchmarks, increase circulation, improve digestion and reduce fatigue. In addition, it just plain feels nice. Prenatal massage is tailored to the needs of pregnant women. Because a woman’s center of gravity changes the further along she is in her pregnancy, additional stress is put on her shoulders, neck, back and hips. She’s also carrying additional weight in the front of her body. A trained prenatal massage therapist knows how to treat the aches and pains caused by these changes.

Prenatal Spa Retreats

Prenatal Spa Retreats

Studies have shown that because massage reduces stress, it helps to regulate hormone levels. Hormones like cortisol (the stress hormone) tend to be lower in those who receive regular massages. Well-maintained hormone levels means less risk for a complicated birth and decreased risk for low birth weight.

This type of massage also stimulates the soft tissue to reduce swelling that also is a common side effect of pregnancy. Sounds great, no more aches and pains. The sausages you once had for fingers are gone and your fingers are recognizable as well, fingers again and you are decreasing your risk for problems during delivery. However, there are some other things to be considered. Not all women should have a prenatal massage. Those who are high risk due to pregnancy-induced hypertension, pre-eclampsia or who have had a previous preterm delivery should avoid prenatal massage unless they seek approval from their physician.

Prenatal Massage creates a lot of therapeutic effects on a would-be mother. The massage oils is not only helpful for the mother but it is equally beneficial for the baby who is inside the mother’s womb. A professional massage therapist can provide a lot of comfort to the pregnant women through the Prenatal Massage therapy. They are equipped with all the knowledge about dealing the mothers as well as what can give them perfect comfort.

Pregnancy massages aid in appeasing and resting the nervous system of the mother. This can help them sleep well at night which is very important for the health of both the mother and the baby. Some women experience mental anxiety and stress during the period of pregnancy which can be combated through the massage in pregnancy.

In fact most of the doctors suggest the mothers to go for soothing prenatal massage as this will keep them healthy and happier and the chances of complications during delivery will reduce.

Types of prenatal massage and their techniques

There are two types of pregnancy massages- labor massage and post pregnancy massage. The mothers who are waiting for their delivery can be extremely benefited with the labor massage. They have wonderful effects in relaxing them. This is performed on the expecting mother while she lies on one side at a reclined posture. She can also afford to lie down on her belly if she is using a pregnancy pillow under it.

This is always advised that prenatal spa retreats near Kauai to play soothing music in the background to release the stress for the mother’s mind and this will help her to bear the pain as well as facilitate the delivery. After the delivery is over during postpartum period, special pregnancy massage methods are also required. This helps the women to recover the shape of their body. The massage s in pregnancy and after pregnancy increases the elasticity of the skin and the muscular tension.

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If the mother is suffering from any sort of post pregnancy depression then the chances are quite high that the pregnancy massages near me will help her to recover and bond with the baby. Now you need to take the advice of the doctors before opting for the prenatal massage therapy because this depends on the physical condition of the mother whether she will be benefited from it or not.

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