Chi Nei Tsung (Abdominal Massage)

ADD ON: 30 min / 1 HR
Massage therapy Kauai is vast and extensive. A unique and specialized scientific massage technique is known as Chi Nei Tsang or Abdominal massage. This technique complements Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu, and Thai massage as you are searching for your ideal massage therapy Kauai session or specialized treatment.

Unlike most massage practices, which use indirect methods to contact the internal organs, Chi Nei Tsang directly massages the internal organs. Therapists use knuckles; fingers and elbows to deeply kneed the stomach, GI tract and internal organs. Therapists are sensitive to the soft tissue organs and will apply adequate pressure around these areas. Some discomfort may initially be experienced during this treatment. However, the results are satisfying and enlightening, as your massage therapy Kauai session will revitalize you.

Chi Nei Tsang is also the most comprehensive approach to energizing, strengthening, and detoxifying the internal system. It clears out negative influences and is particularly useful in relieving intestinal blockages, cramps, knots, lumps, scar tissue, headaches, menstrual cramps, poor blood circulation, back pain, infertility, impotence, and many other problems.

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