Zen Shiatsu

1 hr/1.5 hr
Have your dream Kauai massage experience! Shiatsu massage techniques are similar to acupressure and reflexology. However, Shiatsu concentrates on different methods to adjust a client’s chi or qi (life force).

Thai Massage Kauai

Kauai Massage Zen Shiatsu

The most common practice utilizes acupressure or acupuncture points. Subtle changes indicate that an imbalance is occurring and, with regular shiatsu sessions, a therapist can work to restore balance before physical symptoms occur or worsen. If you are seeking out a deeply relaxing, yet detoxing and rejuvenating Kauai massage session, a Shiatsu session will help you accomplish that goal.

Our therapist will apply pressure to acupressure meridians using fingertips, elbows, and thumbs for precise and accurate trigger point therapy. The amount of pressure and the points to which acupressure is applied is based on your needs during that particular session. It is important that during your Kauai massage bodywork session, to monitor your comfort levels. This allows our therapists to give you the exact amount compression you require.

Zen Shiatsu

Often times a Zen Shiatsu Kauai massage will be practiced on a mat, futon or on the floor. This modality is extremely relaxing and can also be partnered with our CHI NEI TSUNG/Abdominal massage session. The Zen Shiatsu Kauai system also considers diet and nutrition. Ask about our Nutrition Counseling.

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