How do you plan the best Kauai Couples Massage experience?


Coming on vacation is an exciting yet challenging adventure. You’re away from home and the comforts of your everyday lifestyle. Although that’s the fun part, one of the most tedious efforts is finding the perfect experience for you and your loved one. Weather it be food, a beach, your hotel, a tour, an activity or especially your massage. A great massage can make a good vacation become excellent. So where to find the best Kauai couples massage?

First – decide what your ideal scenario is.

Maybe your vision is in the comfort of your own hotel, condo, vacation rental, VRBO, Air BnB or time share accommodations. In this case, therapists bring their equipment to you and provide an ‘outcall’ service. The upside to this is that first and foremost you won’t have to drive anywhere. Genius! Who wants to deal with traffic before or after a Zen type experience? Traffic can ruin the moment, so why do that to yourselves? Being in your own space means you can cruise around in your robe and slippers and not have the fuss of taking on and off your clothes. It also means that you are prepared for whatever your surroundings might be. Your bedroom, bathroom and the accessibility of your things. The simplicity of a mobile/outcall style has incredible benefits. The downside? Well, maybe it’s not the most exciting adventure out, but it sure has the convenience of staying in.

Kauai Couples Massage

If your not the indoors type, maybe you want to try something outdoors. A beach-side massage perhaps fits into your idea of a good time. If that’s the case, we’ll be honest with you here. A Kauai couples massage sounds like a luxurious, romantic experience not soon to be forgotten. However more often than not, the idea is much better than the reality. The elements will generally predict your session. Often times just getting on the table with sandy feet leads more to an exfoliation than a massage. If it’s a windy day, then the proposition of sheets flying and your naked booty being exposed has a high chance. While rain is a consistent factor in the sub tropics, you may get a light sprinkle or a heavy downpour during your session. If this is a non-issue for you, then by all means! It’s not impossible to have a neat experience along the beach-side getting a massage with your sweetie. However, you are face down on a table for 60-90 minutes, generally not looking at the ocean during a massage, just saying.

Maybe you want a bit of new surroundings with the privacy of a room at a spa. This can be a nice medium for those who enjoy being catered to. If you have been to a spa, then you know the deal. Depending on the ratings of the spa, will determine the level of luxury you experience. The more you spend, generally, the more you will receive. Keep in mind that at many spas, therapists are over worked and under paid. You never really know what or who you are getting unless they come highly recommended. You may end up paying more than average for a less than average treatment. It is always wise to look into the online recommendations prior to scheduling your appointment at a spa for a decent Kauai couples massage session.

Second- read the ratings/recommendations of the company your choosing.

Both Yelp and Trip Advisor are two of the best ways to read actual reviews from actual people who have experienced the company you are looking into. Yelp is a little bit more accurate due to their strict review filtering process. They make sure that people who are reviewing are real customers, not just posers that the company has solicited for their 5 stars. Trip Advisor is a little less strict and lets anybody post a review who signs up for the website. However, Trip Advisor is a little more well known across the globe.

Do your research for the best Kauai couples massage. The reviews will speak for themselves and people tend to be brutally honest when they are reviewing a company. They speak from their experience, and that speaks for itself. Look into why they are giving it the rating they are. Who might be the best practitioners that work for the company? What do the bad ratings say? Is the company placing an ad to be on the top of the page? It will soon be obvious which company offers exceptional service.

How do you plan the best Kauai Couples Massage experience?

Kauai Couples Massage

Kauai is an incredible place, with many spas, mobile practitioners, beach side massage companies and the like. But when it comes to designing the perfect Kauai couples massage experience, it needs to be something unforgettable.

Third- Call and speak to someone directly.

It’s important to get a vibe from the company. Call and ask questions about how and where they do things. Tell them what exactly you are looking for and see if the company is a match for you. Your Kauai couples massage is an important element to your vacation, honeymoon, wedding, anniversary, or just because celebration.

Let the company know what you are celebrating and that you are shopping around deciding how you want to spend your special time. Anyone who takes you seriously will talk with you and give you some thoughts and ideas of how they can meet your vision.

Especially if you are a massage connoisseur, you know what can make or break a lovely time with your massage partner in crime. Your wealth of knowledge along side with the company should help you determine weather or not you will choose them during your stay. Your intuition through your conversation will guide you along a path of being a wise customer.

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