In Times of Crisis

Crisis sparks action and response.

As we are seeing with the coronavirus today, disease can profoundly impact a community—upending routines and rattling nerves as it spreads from person to person. But the effects of pandemics extend beyond the moments in which they occur.

We are witnessing a change in behavior as people are forced to be indoors during the shelter-in-place requirements. Connections are being made virtually, more people are donating to causes or to their local favorite businesses who are threatened to go out of business. There is a combination of interpersonal connections and humanitarian actions happening as a result of this scare.

Disease can permanently alter society, and often for the best by creating better practices and habits. Many infrastructure improvements and healthy behaviors we consider normal today are the result of past health campaigns that responded to devastating outbreaks.

Although there is no “silver-lining” to impaired  human well-being, some of the benefits of what is happening currently is as follows:

 Less Air Pollution

Natural Wildlife Is Returning

People Are Connecting and Reaching Out More Often to One Another

City Soundscapes Are Changing

The Oceans Are Quieter

People are Focusing on Health and Wellness

“Maybe the Coronavirus is Earths’ vaccine.”

superfood nutrition

But how are you feeling? How is your body responding to the quarantine? Is not being able to go to the gym, or take your workout classes having an impact on your body and mind?

Do you recognize anxiety arising inside?

Are you gaining weight?

When things are not normal, it is challenging to create a sense of peace and harmony within. It is essential to practice on a daily basis, healthy ways to respond to this crisis. But knowing what to do doesn’t always come natural. Knowing how to sustain your body when you have radically shifted your routine, isn’t always second nature. Preserving your families and children’s health at this time is one of the most essential things you can do. Do you know what choices you can make now that will conserve your wellness future?

Wellness is built from a variety of aspects:









Health via :







Action & Response starts within. Our priorities are being reorganized and the superfluous is being thrown out. If you are you needing a boost or some support on ways to address your current experience of this crisis, there are many ways we can help. By first addressing what you can control: your reactions, exposure to media, what you listen to and what you put inside your body.

This month we are doing a special to help our clients and customers.

We want to offer you :


30 days of superfood nutrition (2 meals a day)

2 Guided Meditation Practices each week on Facebook Live

Daily Wellness tips & healthy recipes

Weekly check-in’s via Zoom

Private Facebook group

Personalized support & coaching


Please contact me at Elevatewellnesskauai@gmail.com for further detailed information.