Group Massage

Let your Hawaii massage experience be the best adventure ever! Whether your group is a wedding party; girl’s night out, vacation, bachelorette, birthday or an everyday event, we can accommodate an entire family or group in need of multiple massages at the same time. Any event is always an excuse for an epic Hawaii massage day!

Any and all of our modalities are offered during a group massage. Each person’s treatment will be specifically designed to suit his or her wants and needs. Our highly trained therapists will customize each massage treatment and consider your party one person at a time. Your Hawaii massage experience is our specialty and our goal is to create your dream spa day.

Each therapist will bring a table, clean sheets, creams/oils and music for a custom experience. We will set up in private rooms/space in your hotel, condo, vacation rental or home to accommodate each person’s privacy. Your groups Hawaii massage day can come to you for the ease and convenience of timing and schedule.

Hawaii massage

Often times with large groups or families just getting out of the door can be a challenge. Let us come to you, so you take out this factor completely and enjoy an full or half day of massage and or spa treatments at your location. For families with children, this is a great choice, therefore you do not have to find childcare. Your partner, family or spouse can be on site while you receive your customized treatment. Making it easy and possible for families to all have the luxuries of massage, acupuncture and wellness services right from your location.

In order to accommodate your group treatments, we will need advance notice in order to ensure that all of our quality therapists are available. As you are planning your Hawaii massage and wellness day, ask for any additional treatments that we offer at Elevate Wellness.

When booking your group massage treatments, payments can be taken online, however we will follow up with a phone call to determine how many therapists are required for your spa day. Group Massages can be from 2 – 5 therapists at one location in one day.

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