Find Prenatal Massage Near Me

One thing that most expecting mothers have in common is a list of aches and pains that seem to grow larger as the due date approaches. Fortunately, a branch of massage therapy known as prenatal massage is available just to help those women whose bodies are sore and tired from the experience of pregnancy. Back pain is one of the bigger problems in a pregnancy, and prenatal massage is an excellent tool to provide back pain relief during pregnancy. Cheap massage in Kauai therapists are highly trained and practiced.

Prenatal massage offers numerous benefits of a broad range

Prenatal massage is meant to alleviate tension, help minimize aches and pains throughout the body, improve circulation, and make the mother feel better about the whole experience in general. Find Prenatal massage near me at some areas where stress seems to accumulate are the back, neck, and shoulders. Legs can also benefit, since massaging helps reduce blood pooling, and the head, feet, hands, and face can be gently massaged to help relieve tension.

Find Prenatal Massage Near Me

Find Prenatal Massage Near Me

One of the more common ways in which prenatal massage is performed is to have the expectant mother lie on her side on the massage table. Or, they can make use of a pillow designed especially for expecting mothers. The pillow has a big center cutout, so the mother can lie on her stomach, feeling completely relaxed and comfortable.

It is generally not recommended that you lie flat on your back, as this can reduce or cut off circulation to both mother and child. An experienced prenatal massage therapist can choose methods which are effective and safe that provide much-needed comfort and pampering.

The top benefits of prenatal massage are:

  • Reduction of fatigue
  • Increased circulation
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced swelling in the hands, feet and lower legs
  • Fewer calf cramps

Lying flat on the back is not recommended as it reduces blood circulation to both mother and child. The mother-to-be can lay on her back with the body in an elevated position by using pillows to support the mother’s body. Body pillows can also be used for side-lying positions as well.

Prenatal massage therapy in Kauai during pregnancy can also be greatly beneficial emotionally as it allows expectant mothers to relax and feel a sense of calm. They also report feeling comforted and healthy during what is a period of emotional and physical stress. Pre-natal massage can be applied in different ways. The pregnant patient should lie on her side and the therapist is trained to modify the massage techniques to adapt to this position.


Find Prenatal massage near me after giving birth, new mothers experience a kaleidoscope of physical and emotional stresses, commonly including sleep deprivation. Prenatal massage can aid the birthing process, and then continuing with postnatal massage can be highly beneficial and therapeutic by assisting the new mother’s body to return to its former state.

There is a specially designed pillow now available to assist when massaging expecting mothers in a face-down position. This pillow has a deep center cut-out which allows the mother to lie flat on her belly and feel comfortable and relaxed. Natural healing massage in Kauai Specialists have studied a variety of modalities and are proficient at them

Pre-natal massage is generally considered safe for expecting mothers, although it is always advisable to consult with your doctor before beginning a program. There are some precautions. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, prenatal massage is not advised. You should certainly tell your therapist if you have had, or are having any complications or problems with your pregnancy.

Find Prenatal Massage Near Me

Prenatal massage may be from 10 minutes to an hour depending on your available time and your level of comfort. If the massage brings discomfort, you may like to have shorter sessions more often. If the message causes no abnormal discomfort, then once per week during the 2nd trimester and twice per week or more during the 3rd trimester is ideal.

One of the big benefits of prenatal massage benefits is that it can provide back pain relief during pregnancy by relieving muscular tension in the back and neck, alleviate stress on various joints and the lower back, and by promoting proper posture along with the reduction of stress hormones.

If you have high blood pressure or diabetes, massage is usually not recommended, but it is safe for most other expectant mothers. If you have any questions about whether or not you should get a message, check with your doctor first. Be sure to tell the therapist up front if you are having any complications with your pregnancy.

Depending on your comfort level, and how much time you have available, a session can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. If you can manage it, try to get a massage once a week during the second trimester, and twice a week during the third. The closer you get to your due date, the more important it is that you feel happy and relaxed.

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Prenatal massage has a number of benefits aside from relieving back pain. It improves circulation and digestion, reduces fatigue and swelling in hands, feet, and legs. It can ease headaches, lessen pain in the pelvic and hip area, promotes deep breathing and relaxation, and can help cure insomnia. It is also beneficial on an emotional level; as it provides a time for the mother to unwind, relax, and let some of the stress of pregnancy just melt away. We pride in being proficient at our work and aim at giving you the best Bridal Party Massage Packages you’ve ever had!!

This massage is safe for most expecting mothers, so take the opportunity to find a good massage therapist in your area who can help make your pregnancy much more pleasant, relaxed and free from pain. Find Prenatal massage near me you can find helpful information about prenatal massage and everything you need to know about back pain relief during pregnancy at Aha! Baby.

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