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What is the most rigorous law of our being? Growth. No smallest atom of our moral, mental, or physical structure can stand still a year. It grows-it must grow; nothing can prevent It.
Mark Twain




Examining human life has been a part of natural evolution and is every philosophers delight. Discerning the vast elements of the mind, body, spirit and environment is a process that we as a race have undergone for centuries. Although there are many beliefs and facets of conviction when it comes to these elements, at Elevate Wellness, our goal is to take a grounded and centered approach when developing a new or re-newed relationship with our mind-body-spirit-environmental connection.


The desire to change provides a doorway to replace old, un-serving ways of being and tapping into new, more productive ones. With the support of a Wellness Coach, clients may have the opportunity to succeed in change, where maybe they have failed in the past. The desire to change offers a profound avenue into new realms of thought around your body, your beliefs about it and shifting ones life to mirror their highest physical potential. How you think, determines how you feel, and recognizing the mind, body, spirit and environment balance is an important piece to the big picture.


Taking a look at what establishes our current motivations can help determine what lies ahead. Our motivations can be our wants, needs or desires based on what feeds our spirit. Looking into these mental, physical and emotional patterns or habits allows for opportunity and discovery of where shift needs to occur for your spirit to be set free. What challenges does your lifestyle present? Are you in charge of these challenges? These are good base line questions to ask when beginning a spiritual quest.


Determining what kind of ‘environment’ you are currently placed in and knowing if it is healthy or unhealthy is essential. Lifestyle improvement puts into action the work that it takes to shift ones foundation. By setting a focus, gaining environmental support, working through habits, and lasting behavioral/lifestyle changes, one can settle into the practice of self-actualization and improvement. Are you comfortable at work? Home? Do you feel loved?

At Elevate Wellness, we take the approach of being your health ally, and know that ultimately it is up to you to do the work, we are here to offer ways to approach the work that needs to be done. Recognizing the mind, body, spirit and environment balance, is a necessary piece to begin this journey.

We believe that you are not broken and do not need to be “fixed”. However, with the desire to create positive and lasting change in your life, there are a variety of enhancements that can support the process.

We provide tools to begin the journey of self -improvement and support for lasting lifestyle upgrade.

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Mind, Body, Spirit and Environmental Health

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