Deep Tissue Massage Near Me Kauai

Deep Tissue Massage: Everything You Need to Know

Deep tissue massage near me Kauai

At the beginning of the massage, lighter pressure is generally applied to warm up and prep the muscles. Specific techniques are then applied. The most common techniques include:

Stripping – deep, gliding pressure along the length of the muscle fibers using the elbow, forearm, knuckles, and thumbs

Friction – pressure applied across the grain of a muscle to release adhesions and realign tissue fibers.

Deep tissue massage near me Kauai

Deep tissue massage usually focuses on a specific problem, such as chronic muscle pain, injury rehabilitation, and the following conditions:

** Low back pain
** Limited mobility
** Recovery from injuries (e.g. whiplash, falls)
** Repetitive strain injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome
** Postural problems

The benefits of deep tissue massage are beyond question

1. Deep tissue massage offers stress relief
2. Deep tissue massage eases pain
3. Deep tissue massage makes movement easier
4. Deep tissue massage can lower heart rate and blood pressure

What Can I Expect?

Massage therapists may use fingertips, knuckles, hands, elbows, and forearms during a deep tissue massage. You may be asked to breathe deeply as the massage therapist works on tense areas.

Deep tissue massage near me Kauai

Warnings and Precautions

Deep tissue massage may not be safe for people with blood clots (e.g. thrombophlebitis or deep vein thrombosis), due to the risk that they may become dislodged. If you have blood clots or are at risk of forming blood clots, it’s essential that you consult your doctor first.

If you’ve had recent surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or any other medical procedure, it’s wise to check with your doctor before starting massage therapy. Some people with osteoporosis should avoid the deeper pressure of this type of massage.

Possible Side Effects

Deep tissue massage may result in bruising. Case reports have reported venous thromboembolism, spinal accessory neuropathy, hepatic hematoma, and posterior interosseous syndrome after deep tissue massage.

Will A Deep Tissue Massage Hurt?

It shouldn’t hurt, but it’s likely to be a bit more uncomfortable than a classic Swedish massage. You should always feel free to speak up if the pressure is too much for you. If the pressure is more than you can comfortably take, you might unconsciously tense up, guarding your body from pain. This makes it harder for the therapist to achieve results.

Deep Tissue Massage Near Me Kauai

Deep tissue massage near me Kauai

How Fast Will I Get Results With A Deep Tissue Massage?

It’s important to be realistic about what one deep tissue massage can achieve. Many people want to get rid of all the tension they’ve build up in their body over many decades, in just one session. They ask for more pressure, thinking that if the therapist just pushes hard enough, they can get rid of all their knots in an hour. This just won’t happen.

A Final Word from Us

Deep tissue massage is more than just a massage with deep pressure. The goals and techniques are different. It may help with certain conditions, but remember to communicate with your massage therapist to get the most out of the massage.

Finding an exact definition of deep tissue massage is complicated because there is no shortage of books, web sites and experts offering their own versions. Generally speaking, deep tissue massage is a technique that focuses on the connective tissue and lower muscle groups quite thoroughly. Not a massage technique for wimps, deep tissue massage is characterized by heavy pressure and slower strokes than more traditional massages. Because the pressure used in this type of bodywork is more intense and the massage itself is highly focused on specific areas of tension, a deep tissue massage is likely to be a bit more uncomfortable than a Swedish massage.

Deep tissue massage uses deep muscle compression and friction along the grain of the muscle.

Deep tissue massage is also called deep muscle therapy or deep tissue therapy. It is a massage technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and requires more skill and strength than a Swedish massage. Deep tissue massage is also European in origin, but it is very different from Swedish massage in its focus and effects.

This article will talk about deep tissue massage near me and 3 reasons to try a deep tissue massage. Even though this kind of massage can be very beneficial it is usually shied away from because people are afraid it will hurt. It might be uncomfortable at first, but it shouldn’t hurt, don’t ever be afraid to speak up and tell your therapist what amount of pressure you can handle.

Even though it might be uncomfortable, the three reasons below will describe the huge benefits this type of massage can have, especially for those who have tight muscles or suffer from some medical conditions.

1. Relieve Stiff Joints: Having stiff joints can be very painful; deep tissue massage is designed to realign the deep muscle layers and the connecting tissues. Massage techniques like this might cause discomfort at first, but the benefits outweigh any temporary discomfort. Less than 24 hours later the pain will dissipate and leave your muscles feeling relaxed and loose. Deep tissue massage uses many of the traditional Swedish massage techniques but with more focus on troubled areas.

2. Reduce Inflammation: Joint pain is caused by inflammation, so using deep tissue massage techniques can help clear inflammation by using slow, focused massage. This will increase blood flow to the body and improve circulation.

Since it is usually impossible to cure a problem with only one massage, having multiple deep tissue massage sessions is a good idea. The first session will target the tight muscles and begin to loosen them, your future sessions will help to completely remove the problem. Maintenance massages are also a good idea to keep the body knot free so it can be healthy and free of tension.

Deep tissue massage near me Kauai

3. Improve Medical Conditions: Getting a deep tissue massage can help reduce or eliminate symptoms from many medical conditions. When done regularly, it can have lasting results for muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis.

These techniques not only help heal stiff joints and reduce inflammation, but they can also improve many medical conditions. Using it as a therapy and getting a deep tissue massage regularly, albeit a bit uncomfortable, can help your body heal and function better. Everyone experiences stress, this massage technique can help melt that stress away.

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