Cleansing through COVID

Cleansing through COVID

We hear everyone talking about stay sane during the pandemic. Is that even possible?

How is being stuck inside and being forced to wear masks suppose to make me feel better?

So many thoughts, theories and ideas swirling throughout the nation and the world!

So we like to stick to the “meat and potatoes” of things… except without the meat and potatoes…

ACTUALLY… we’re cleansing….

I know, I know. I hear you!

Cleansing??      No WAY!

Currently there is a movement stirring.

Information has begun to surface about the power and healing of cleaning out your body in the form of a ‘detox’.

Although this idea has been around for decades in different cultures, American’s are starting to catch on and understand the health principles around detoxing.

There are many forms of cleansing & purifying. Debunk-ing the myth that cleansing the body is unnecessary because the body cleanses itself, is vital. If that was the case, we would not have an astronomical rate of cancers and unresolved health conditions that plague humans today.

Don’t get me wrong, the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself and eliminate a huge amount of toxins just through the digestive system. However, most pathogens and nasty bacteria’s lie in other organs and glands in the body.

Some may argue that “cleansing” must mean feeling like you are neglecting your body from nutrients, that you are starving or that it is boring because you can only eat very little from a small list of acceptable foods.


Let me put it this way.


How often do you get oil changes in your car?


You wouldn’t let your car function without changing the oil every 500 miles or so,  because that would be really bad for the engine and potentially lead to burnout of all of its moving parts.

The same goes for your internal systems. If you keep filling your body with material that clogs your engine, you will never quite run at optimal potential. If your body is clogged, it will lead to your system working on overtime and causing burn- out  unless it’s replenished.

However, the body is different. In order to clean out your tank, you must put in nutrients that scrub, brush, rub and wash you from the inside, out.  It is also important to nourish your system with gentle, loving and replenishing nutrients that give your cells the food they need to function properly. When this occurs, your internal moving-parts can work and supply the body with the appropriate hormones and cellular activity it needs to stay in balance.

So actually, it’s not that different from a car because the body functions like a machine as well.

When you are detoxing the body, you communicating to your organs and glands to push unnecessary pathogenic and heavy metals out to allow the nutrients in that will replenish the cells. As this is happening, your body may communicate back in the form of cravings or detox. This is when the bad stuff is being pushed out and complaining on its way. It’s a good sign!

Although it is hard to change habits and it can be an emotional journey to shift our eating style, it is an important journey that has tremendous benefits. It allows the body to re-balance hormones, revitalize energy, free ourselves from addictions to sugar, caffeine and unhealthy fats.

When our internal systems detox, we experience life in a more full force and wholesome way. We begin to lighten up our mood and tighten up our body. The quality of life can be experienced at a higher vibration. This is when we can truly connect with ourselves in a potent and meaningful way.

When we give our body the significant nutrients we need to thrive and lighten up on the alcohol, sugars and caffeine, we begin to realize that we have more potential to feel the beauty of life. Instead of masking it with the foods and drinks that disconnect us to ourselves, our partners, family, loved ones, friends and community.


So next time you hear the word “cleanse” think about it as a way to clear your engines and prepare your body for a lifetime of high performance living. Go Here


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