Bridal Shower Gift Message

One of the most important times in any Brides’ life besides the wedding day itself, is the bridal shower gift message. This traditional event is hosted by the Maid or Matron of Honor who invites all the bride’s closest friends and female family members to wish her well on her wedding day. The bridal shower offers the Bride-to-be a chance to enjoy some pampering to help her cope with the stress of making all those wedding plans.

Here are some fantastic themes if you are planning a bridal shower:

Spa Party – Girls, it’s a day of pampering for your bride-to-be and guests! A spa party is a wonderful way to help everyone get beautiful, relaxed and ready for the big day. Many spas offer special rates for bridal parties to enjoy manicures, pedicures, facials and massages. Or you can hire a massage therapist to come to wherever you are hosting the bridal shower to give everyone a fifteen minute shoulder and neck rub while you give each other manicures and try out some new nail polishes or lotions.

Bridal Shower Gift Message

Bridal Shower Gift Message

Martini Party – Many brides-to-be are forgoing the traditional “bachelorette” party for something less hang-over inducing and much classier. Heading to a nice quiet club to enjoy a couple of exotically flavored martinis ( like chocolate-tini’s) then listening to some jazz and sharing some girlfriend style gossip are much better ways to enjoy this time than a drunken rampage that everyone will regret the next day.

Make-Over Day – This is a great follow up to the spa party. Get everyone together, give each other a cool new hairstyle, add lots of glamorous make-up, swap accessories and hold a fashion show! If you can, arrange for a professional make-up artist to be there to help and definitely have someone to take pictures to save this memory. After the new Bride gets back from her honeymoon, you can present her with an album of all the photos to remember this fun event.

Room of the House Party – Each guest is asked to bring a gift for a particular room of the house. They can put together gift baskets or provide a useful item that will go perfectly in the new couple’s home.

Jack and Jill Shower – Showers attended by the bride and groom, family and are friends are becoming more and more popular. After all, why should the bride have all the fun? You can make theme the event around the place the couple met or an activity that they enjoy together. For example, if they met at college…give graduation caps to guest or choose a fun dorm room theme. If the couple is enjoys skiing, if the timing is appropriate, book the shower at a local ski lodge.

When you have to plan a bridal shower gift message near, a few ideas can include a mystery weekend. Yes, this can include massages and spa treatments, but you can also include going on fun outings and seeing interesting sites. You might want to plan a trip to a quiet destination and you can even go overseas if you have the money.

Another great idea for a bridal shower massage party near me is to go on an evening cruise. This will be a wonderful way to have a great evening and see some amazing sites. You can plan a boat trip like a sunset cruise at most places and these will normally include Champagne and snacks. When you return you can all go to a nearby restaurant for the rest of the shower, or to a club if you like.

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Now, remember that there will be some older members at the bridal shower, so another fun idea is to get a class organized for everyone to join in with. You can get a pole dancing instructor for one, which will really get everyone into the swing of things. You can also plan to go to a dancing class with everyone. This is also great for teaching the bride some cool new moves ready for the wedding day and to take the floor with her new husband.

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