Bridal Party Spa Packages Near Me

If you have ever planned a wedding you know how stressful it can be. There seems to be a never ending stream of things to deal with, caterers, dresses, rentals, venues, photographers and the like and to add to the stress, if the affair is to be outside you have the weather to worry about as well. Add in family stressors and it can all be a bit too much, but it’s important to remember to take care of yourself too, because, after all you want to arrive at the day radiant, calm and with not a worry in the world, because it’s your special day. To attain this calm, many brides opt for a bridal party spa packages near me at the spa.

A bridal package can be many different things depending on where you go, but usually it includes things like massages, body wraps, manicures, pedicures and hair and makeup services. In short, anything that a bride needs or wants before her big day can be got in some sort of bridal spa package (or two!).

Bridal Party Spa Packages

Bridal Party Spa Packages

Some brides will opt for a package that includes a relaxing massage and a manicure/pedicure to get ready for the big day. Others will bring their entire wedding party with them for a girl’s day at the spa rather than go out for the bachelorette ‘do, which makes a nice change from the ordinary ‘hen night’ festivities, while others will do the relaxing day at the spa on top of the big night out.

If you don’t want any surprises from your hair and makeup, never fear as there are spa packages that offer two applications; one for a few weeks before to ‘test drive’ your look and one for the actual day. This makes sure you know what you want, you love what you look like and you don’t have any surprises on the day itself.

With so many things to schedule, it is nice for the bride and her close friends to have time to unwind, relax and do girly things before the wedding day comes. Relaxing is a great way to get ready for the big day, and of course, who doesn’t like to get pampered from time to time? Check out the bridal packages at your local spa today and you won’t be disappointed. You will leave, happy, relaxed, pampered and above all ready to tackle the big day in style!

You may want to serve some finger foods so that nobody will be stuck in the kitchen, and everyone will be able to participate. Maybe a student masseuse could be hired for a couple of hours to give foot massages or a student cosmetologist for manicures and pedicures. Food should be kept simple if at all possible. Nobody should be in the kitchen cooking, heating up, or assembling, while at the same time a mess for the hostess should be avoided altogether. A good idea is the potluck, or if you have the funds, have some finger foods catered.

Gourmet cheeses and crackers, some wine, canapes, petit fours, crab cakes and grilled vegetable foccacias make for a wonderful spread that is easily put together and does not require much in terms of reheating. Advice is a big part of the party. Especially if the bride is walking down the isle for the first time, many well-meaning ladies have oodles of ideas and tips on how to keep the marriage blissful.

Usually a book is sent around to capture those pearls of wisdom, but how about trying a new twist? Instead of putting together a book, why not all each guest to write out their advice on a piece of parchment paper and then affix it to a bottle of wine. Both the wine and the advice can then be enjoyed together by the married couple massages near me and make for great conversation starters.

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If the bride or groom happens to be teetotalers, the paper can easily be affixed to chocolate bars or any other food or drink item the couple will be able to enjoy together. So go ahead and allow yourself to enjoy the celebration of the bridal shower again. Revel in the changes, and allow your ideas to roam free, and no longer feel the obligation to follow in the footsteps of boring old games that are long past their prime. Have fun with the bridal party spa packages near me and during the shower! The bride will thank you for years to come for the thoughtful afternoon or evening you put together for her.

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