Is Self-Care the New Health-Care?

Self-care encompasses many things, it is self-initiated and conscious behavior intended to bring our physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual selves into balance. It refers to the everyday practices that help to lessen and manage the effect stress has on our lives while elevating our short and long term health and wellness. When is the last […]

Experience a heavenly massage Kauai

When choosing for your particular needs, there are a number of factors to be considered. The most popular massage usually lasts about 60 – 90 minutes and is designed to provide relaxation and relieve stress. There are many different types and it may seem like an arduous task trying to find the best heavenly massage […]

Callout Massage Elevate Wellness Kauai

    Callout or in-home massages have tons of benefits over massage parlor or day spa. You can enjoy your home spa treatment without having to travel miles to spa or massage parlor, spending more money on expenses, and enjoying all the benefits that the elevate wellness Kauai massage gives.   Here are just some […]

The Needs of Pregnant Women and Shiatsu Massage

  Pre natal massages in Kauai has been very popular amongst expectant mothers because they find it very beneficial. And they are perfect for any pregnant woman. But there are also benefits that can be attained by expectant mothers. Here are the great facts for you.   Shiatsu massage has been used for centuries by […]

The Importance of Deep Tissue Massage

      Deep tissue deep tissue massage kauai is a massage therapy that overcomes the underlying problems happening in the layers of muscles and deep tissues to make the sufferers relieve tension and chronic pain.   The deep tissue massage Kauai uses deep finger pressure and slow strokes. This is designed to relieve tension, […]

Deep Tissue Massage Kauai

Deep Tissue Massage Kauai Deep tissue is often misunderstood as more painful and more intense massage therapy. In fact, the deep tissue massage is considered as the best massage Kauai. It has little to do with the intensity of the pressure being practiced by the therapist, but rather focusing the affected area, or muscle. So […]

The Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy massage or prenatal massage is designed purposely for pregnant women. As we know that women’s body needs will change when expecting a baby, conventional massages are not recommended because they can harm the baby. That’s why properly tailored massage should be applied. The massage on kauai understands this fact really well. So if you […]

How to Choose the Best Sports Massage Parlor

It is undeniable that keeping your body fit and healthy is a must to lead a happier life. Having a fit body can help you to do activities effectively and efficiently. The best massage kauai is for everyone who is aware of their health. When it comes to the healthiness, individuals need to know what […]

Accu-Ssage Therapy Benefits

If you are looking for massage in kauai, Acu-ssage therapy is one of the most recommended for you. It is the combination of two therapies: acupuncture and massage. It was introduced by Chinese as the part of traditional Chinese medicine. This therapy has been practiced since Shang Dynasty era, 1700 B.C. Accu-Ssage Therapy Benefits Accu-Ssage […]