Best Massage on Kauai meets best Chiropractic Care facility in Kapa’a

Elevate Wellness Kauai : Alternative Health Care Practitioner Highlight 2017

Doctor of Chiropractic : Dr. Ryan Mijares



Dr. Mijares graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences in 2012. After graduation he took a big leap and moved to Medellin, Colombia; to open the city’s first Chiropractic Clinic. After 5 years of serving the community in Medellin, Dr. Mijares returned to his home town of Kauai, with his wife Lorena. Missing his family and ready to start a family of his own, as a result, he looks forward to living a life of water sports, healthy eating, and positively affecting the lives of those around him with chiropractic care.


Elevate Wellness is a huge proponent of Chiropractic Care and believes that in conjunction with the best massage on Kauai, patients will feel a resounding difference in their bodies. An adjustment is not just a “crack” of the back, it is an alignment of the nervous system. When aligning the spine and softening the tissues through massage, the body has an innate awareness of how to balance into homeostasis.


Dr. Mijares has a diversified technique to fit every situation, however his specialty resides with athletes, pregnancy, and scoliosis. Furthermore, he just as comfortable seeing a patient with multiple surgeries as he is with wellness care. Dr. Mijares says that the reason he became a chiropractor is that he hopes to keep people active and living their lives to the fullest.

I know what it is like to be hurt. I know what it is like to be taken out by crippling pain… There is nothing better than seeing the smile on someone’s face when they stand up without pain for the first time.

At Elevate, we believe that getting the best massage on Kauai and a spinal alinement, is like changing the oil in your car. It is vital to your machines proper running capabilities. One must lubricate the muscles and joints for continual health of each inter-related system. By receiving these alternative treatments, one has the ability to create pain -free longevity in their life.


Doctor Ryan Mijares DC knows the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Growing up on the island of Kauai gave him experience and perspective as it relates to health and wellness. Kauai is a unique island, with so many amazing outdoor attractions. Being healthy and able-bodied is necessary to enjoy and thrive with the lifestyle on Kauai. This is Dr. Mijares’ specialty; he works hard to get you moving and keep you moving so that you are able to enjoy your life on Kauai.


The best massage on Kauai can be found through Elevate Wellness & Bodywork. Having an opportunity to treat the muscular system prior to an adjustment may give you longer term results. Once you feel the effects of a corrected subluxation and decreased inflammation throughout your body, life becomes so much more enjoyable.


DR Mijares and his wife who is a psychologist decided to opened the doors of SWELL CHIROPRACTIC, soon to be SWELL WELLNESS CENTER for the community and visitors. For more information about Dr Mijares, stop by his office or give him a call.



4520 Kukui St. C – Ahko building

Unit 204, Kapaa, HI 96746


Monday to Friday

10-12 & 2-5

(808) 631-2508


For more information about the best massage on Kauai, or to book a session online, please visit our booking platform at Elevate Wellness Kauai.