If you are looking for acupuncture in Kauai, our services at Elevate Wellness can accommodate your needs.

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to reduce a variety of stresses and inflammation in the body. Using very fine needles that are inserted into the body, these needles send signals to the brain, and the brain responds by lowering stress levels. Decreased feelings of pain, improved digestion, relief from headaches and reprieve from nausea can occur.

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Acupuncture has been also known to help with hormone and cortisol imbalances, pain management, stress management, IBS, weight loss, facial rejuvenation and respiratory health to name a few.

Our highly trained, educated and licensed acupuncturists can assist you for all of your questions and concerns. Acupuncture in Kauai is a wonderful and complimentary treatment to all of our services. Our therapists also offer a variety of treatment with needle therapy, such as moxibustion, cupping, tuning forks, and raindrop essential oils. We offer a variety of packages and services for some or all of these features.


Cupping Treatments

If you are new, visiting or a resident of Kauai, our acupuncturists are some of the best on island. Acupuncture in Kauai is a wonderful experience, as our practitioners come directly to your home, hotel, vacation rental or condo. We bring our table, sheets, music, oils, needles, and optional additional features.

Acupuncture in Kauai is also great when combined with massage. Our Acu-Ssage session is a popular treatment given to our clients. Acupuncture is well known to help in the relief of a variety of painful conditions. Muskulo-skeletal pain is among one of the top conditions that patients find relief from acupuncture for.

Carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, headache/migraine, Low-back pain, menstrual cramps, neck pain, joint discomfort and tennis elbow are have also been studied by acupuncturists to relieve pain.

Kauai Acupuncture

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