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What Makes Elevate Wellness Special


We specialize in providing the best Therapeutic Massage and Acupuncture on Island. Our unique service provides a variety of options for the Kauai resident or traveler. Where would you like your next session with Elevate Wellness? Beach side, up country, or at your private accommodations. We work with highly educated, experienced, licensed and insured practitioners.  Our team offer exceptional, deeply relaxing and rehabilitating bodywork, at a fraction of the price of hotel spas. Elevate your Body-Mind-Spirit today.

Beach Side Cabana


Elevate’s cedar beach side cabana is literally a stones throw from the ocean, on the north end of Kapaa town. Listen to the sounds of waves rolling in, while the trade winds blow over you. Experiencing a massage, in a protected natural environment, is hard to beat! We accommodate up to three guests in the same scheduled treatment. See what others have said about their beach side treatments on Yelp and Trip Advisor. Our cedar beach side cabana sessions are the best value on island.

Private Studio Locations


Looking for an even more controlled environment or a change of scenery? Studio locations are available upon request and are enclosed for maximum privacy and environmental control. Capture the essence of Zen Hawaiian living in a beautiful private accommodation.

Kauai Mobile Massage


Want an amazing session in the comfort of your own home or vacation accommodation? Yes we do that too! Imagine getting off the table in the comfort of your space. Guests love feeling completely rejuvenated, with no need to travel. Sit back, relax and let the work you just received soak deeply into your core. As long as you offer a relaxing space, with enough room to provide exceptional service, we look forward to seeing you at your location. Suggested 3 day pre-booking for best availability and desired time. Mobile services offered Hanalei to Poipu.

Your convenience is important to us as we make your Kauai spa experience the best you’ve ever had. Elevate Wellness understands you’ve worked hard for your vacation or weekend, and it is time to be catered to. Book your custom-made session online today.

 Our Most Popular Session

If we had to narrow it down… in the spirit of Hawaiian culture, our most popular treatment is a 90 Min LomiLomi Couples Massage Beach Side. Guests enjoy a beach side experience while participating in a massage style that originated in ancient Hawaii. Want to learn more about Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage?

Any massage style we offer (lomilomi, custom, deep tissue, pre-natal, thai, shiatsu, structural, sports and massage cupping) can be combined in to a couples massage. We can do simultaneous couples massage or consecutive (back to back) massage.

We also offer large families/groups or corporate massage on Kauai and will offer a discount for multiple treatments.
Each massage is custom-made to your needs. Please let us know what you are in need of, and we will accommodate you and your requirements.


 Who Makes Elevate Wellness Special

 Meet the Owner

Angela Alessio


  B.S Kinesiology/Pre- MED, LMT/CMT

Manual Therapist, Therapeutic Massage/Bodywork, Massage Cupping

Health & Wellness Coach

MAT #6368

Angela has spent much of her life studying the human body and learning how to optimize overall health and wellness. Her company is designed to make each person’s therapeutic spa treatment a convenient, complete and comprehensive experience.

Elevate Wellness is a professional service developed to help both the residents and the visitors of Kauai and beyond. Angela understands the need to offer trustworthy, educated and responsible practitioners for her clientele. She prides herself in working with only the most practiced and intellectual professionals on island, to offer a powerful experience for those in need of care.

All massage therapists are skilled in a variety of modalities and will address your specific needs for massage. Acupuncturists are proficient and will gently treat you for anything you require. The company’s highly recommended Chiropractors are the best on island and are sure to give you the adjustment you are looking for. Fitness professional and/or establishments that Elevate Wellness endorses are qualified and professional.

Angela began her education in both California and Hawaii becoming a licensed massage therapist (LMT) in both states and eventually opening up a small practice in Sonoma County. Her practice included coordinating care with Doctors and Chiropractors while studying Health and Nutritional Sciences at Santa Rosa Junior College where she received both her A.A and A.S degrees.

She then spent time traveling throughout South East Asia studying Thai Massage, Eastern-influenced Bodywork modalities and Martial Arts. She began learning the principle modalities of Chinese Medicine including: physical, mental and spiritual practices. Her interests in how to connect the mind-body-spirit continued to deepen and develop while implementing them into her practices.

She continued studying at Sonoma State University, CA receiving her B.S in Kinesiology and Pre-Medical sciences. While finishing her undergrad, she trained competitive Kickboxing, and taught conditioning/strengthening classes at a local Martial Arts Academy. She completed her academic studies while interning at the Chiropractic Center in Santa Rosa.

In 2009, she decided to move her practice to Kauai Hawaii where she continues to apply her education and experience, and has expanded her business practice, while aligning with highly experienced chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, fitness trainers, and Martial Arts establishments.

Today she specializes in Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage/Bodywork and helping people who have a variety of muscular-skeletal ailments ranging from chronic/acute injury to those who utilize massage for self-care and preventative/maintenance programs. She offers a variety of Wellness plans, including lifestyle changes, fitness assessments, nutritional consulting, cleansing advice and integrative health planning. Angela works with clients one-on-one to establish customized care plans, specific to each clients needs.


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We offer direct online booking, so that you can schedule with us any time, day or night. Have more questions?

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*Elevate Wellness does not regularly practice at a specific location, please call for your location requirements*