Accu-Ssage Therapy Benefits

  If you are looking for massage in kauai, Acu-ssage therapy is one of the most recommended for you. It is the combination of two therapies: acupuncture and massage. It was introduced by Chinese as the part of traditional Chinese medicine. This therapy has been practiced since Shang Dynasty era, 1700 B.C. Accu-Ssage has a […]

Foot Reflexology Benefits in Kauai

Foot reflexology is one of the most popular alternatives to treat many ailments. It is conducted by applying pressure to different points on your foot. The specialists call this as an art. Reflexology focuses on the foot involvement. Each point on your foot is directly linked to specific organs and glands in the body. The […]

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage in Kauai

  Hawaiian lomi lomi massage kauai is a traditional massage which is varied by family, region, and island. Lomi was conducted with a prayer from the native practitioners. But now it has been adapted for more contemporary use.   Lomi lomi means “loving hands”. It was brought by Polynesians and then was adapted to Hawaiian […]

Couples Massage Merits

The holiday is around the corner. You are planning to invite your girlfriend to go to Kauai. One of the hottest things to do there is beachside massage. But what makes it very popular amongst couple is the couples massage kauai. If you are anxious when being treated alone, why not get massaged together?   […]

Kauai massage specials – Reducing stress in life

Kauai massage specials- Reducing stress in life A massage is a flawless excuse to give the bodies a well-earned break. Massages give the bodies a well-needed boost; they mainly indulge the senses and also help to pamper relaxation. More and more people are suffering from a variety of health issues with growing stress and tensions […]

couples massage therapy near me Kauai

Couples massage therapy near me Kauai Talk of a treasurable instant, loving, affectionate, inspiring and romantic; it is that indispensable moment with your spouse. A time to have your love recharged, relax your mind and release every feeling , let go of the former, the forthcoming and focus to the immediate joy together with the […]

Deep tissue massage near me Kauai

Deep tissue massage near me Kauai Finding an exact definition of deep tissue massage is complicated because there is no shortage of books, web sites and experts offering their own versions. Generally speaking, deep tissue massage is a technique that focuses on the connective tissue and lower muscle groups quite thoroughly. Not a massage technique […]