Acu-Ssage (AcupunctureMassage)

2 hour/3 hour

At Elevate Wellness we have created a new cutting edge style of complimentary health practice that is an extremely healing and deeply relaxing experience; Acu-Ssage ™

We have designed a treatment with a combination of acupuncture and the best massage in Kauai, in successive treatments. While this may seem like an unusual combination, the results are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Expereince the best massage in Kauai, combined with an uplifting acupuncture/tuning fork treatment. This succession allows you to drop deeply into a state of relaxation and then releasing held energetic blockages in the body through an Acu-Ssage treatment. This treatment is very effective for both chronic and acute pain that may otherwise be difficult to treat. It involves stimulating specific anatomic points in the body for deeply therapeutic results.

Acupuncture is designed as a method to open up stagnant channels along the body and activate the body’s chi (energy). Massage then further stimulates these channels and induces deeper physical and energetic healing.

The blend of acupuncture and the best massage in Kauai, is a nice balanced approach of addressing the nervous system, meridians and the muscular-skeletal structure. Each system has a unique design and distinct responsibility in the bodies overall wellness. Acu-Ssage approaches each system with an exceptional recipe.

Discovering a little more about the benefits of acupuncture (here) can help you decide if this treatment is right for you. Any of our massage modalities (here) can be given in sequence to your acupuncture session.

This popular treatment is good for those who are ready to ELEVATE their health and find optimum well-being. If you have never tried acupuncture before, this may be the perfect opportunity to do so! By receiving the best massage in Kauai first, your body and mind state will then be ready to go to the next level with our devine acupuncture and tuning fork session.

Our therapists work together to make your Acu-Ssage a wonderful and powerful experience.  Go Here For more information or to book online.

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Acu-Ssage Acupuncture Massage

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